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Years before the opening of the Trans Canada, the Highway #1 took a different route. The Big Bend Highway was built during the great depression in extreme conditions with an enormous effort. This 300 kilometer stretch of gravel once traveled from Golden to Revelstoke. Travelers described the route as a 'perilous gravel road" .

In 1973  the fate of this route changed drastically with creation of hydroelectric dams on the might Columbia River system.

Waters have risen, lakes have risen and history has forgotten the story of the Big Bend. Although the lake has swallowed a large portion of the old route, there is still a network of forest roads that make up the same route. This 3 Day tour showcases some of routes history and rugged beauty the area has to offer.


This Adventure begins and ends in Golden, BC.
Accommodations can be booked​ as backcountry or in town.

Trip duration - 2 days - 8 hours days (Flexible)

skill level - intermediate

Road type - gravel, unmaintained trails, off-road

special requirements - off-road oriented tires, appropriate off-road riding gear

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